Who we are

Manutenzioni e riparazioni di tipo meccanico ed elettromeccanico


Currently, with the addition of the sites of Valtopina (PG) and Foligno in via Mollari 3, Me.Co has a total floor area of over 2500 sqm, in which it can further develop and build large machines, plants and structures.
Me.Co. constantly adapts to new technical standards deriving from European guidelines, regulations and legislation, as well as national legislation.
In particular, today it is able to develop projects and constructions that conform with the EU guidelines “Machinery”, “ATEX” and “PED”.


Me.Co. has a technical office that uses 2D design and 3D modeling software, an administrative office, a production team and an internal warehouse organized in departments.


Maintenance at Client’s sites are organized both on a contractual basis with staff permanently present in teams on several shifts, and on a contractual and/or call basis for repair interventions.


The company is able to provide on-call service particularly suited to the most complex situations, and in particular for the production activities organized in a continuous cycle.

Me.Co. carries out its activities following the regulation standard ISO-9001: 2015